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Reviews from travelers who have stayed with us.
Posted Date : 5-5-2015
An excellent place. We enjoyed to the core.
Mr. R. Rajan,
Posted Date : 5-5-2015
Very good food and service. Dinning table needed to be replaced with big one.
Mr. R. Arunachalam,
Posted Date : 19-5-2015
Excellent place. Well maintained. Good ambience. Excellent hospitality. Very good staff behavior. Looking forward to coming back.
Mr. Prasant Nair,
Posted Date : 29-5-2015
If we start writing about our experience in this beautiful abode all the pages of this visitors book will be covered. We have seen this house being built for last couple of years and the final avatar is absolutely brilliant and portrays the love and care which has been bestowed upon it. Your hospitality Vidya and Sir has been unmatched and we with whole heart recommend this experience to all we come across.

Mrs & Mr. Mrudula and Moy,
Posted Date :24-10-2015
Homely atmosphere at a far away place. All in All, beautiful, fantastic scenery and we had a good ball outing in the garden. Staff were very co-operative. Vidya mam hospitality and good human nature was very much appreciable.

Mr. P. Murugan & Family,
Posted Date : 25-10-2015
Excellent location, Homely treatment and nice food. Worth visiting again.
Mr. Naveen Derick,
Posted Date : 7-11-2015
Homely atmosphere. Excellent service with peaceful  situation looking forward to visit again.
Mr. Ravikumar & Family
Posted Date : 12-11-2015
Lovely getaway from the hurdle and bustle. Well Planned and organized rooms. Definitely a place to come back with some more friends.
Mrs. & Mr. Sandeep & Deepa
Posted Date : 24-11-2015
This is the place to go for beautiful surroundings, the warmth and friendliness of home and the comfort of a luxury hotel. We spent four days here over Divali, waking up to a cup of tea on a verandah overlooking the lush tea estates and misty hills of Kotagiri and going for walks through the hills. The staff was wonderful, feeding us excellent south indian dishes for breakfast and dinner and laying out tea with homemade carrot cake ! The owners have spared no effort to make this a great place to stay.
Nina Engineer
Posted Date : 5-12-2015
Forget Kashmir. If there is heaven on Earth, it is ONLY here!!!
Posted Date : 6-12-2015
RAVEN'S NEST - should be renamed 'HEAVEN' - That's the feel. Home away from away. Excellent planning, smallest details covered.
Rohit Malhotra
Posted Date : 6-12-2015
Fantastic Hospitality. Wonderful food. Superb ambience. Our home away from home.
Sandeep Gupta
Posted Date : 6-12-2015
From the moment one puts his foot past the gates of Raven's nest it only gets better. From the setting, to the landscaping, to the unending tea estates, to the awesome house the Srinivasan's have built. The attention to detail and above all the generous hospitality the experience at 'Raven's nest' with one of life's most memorable experiences. A place you would have to leave  and would simply love to come back Heaven....
Ajay Mehta
Posted Date : 6-12-2015
Heaven! Heaven! Heaven!
Sarita Malhotra
Posted Date : 12-12-2015
Nice atmosphere with a thought of 'a home away from a home' - Good Service.
Mr & Mrs. Ravikumar
Posted Date : 20-12-2015
We were utterly charmed by your beautiful bungalow done up with impeccable taste. We had a very relaxed stay and found it to be a perfect gateway from our crazy city life. Our children enjoyed themselves thoroughly as they could run around freely in the vast and safe confines of your beautiful garden. Your staff Rani, Mahesh and Deepak were very hospitable and ensured that our stay here was comfortable. We wish to come back here again and will definitely recommend this place to our family and friends.
Anupama Shenoy and Prabodh Shenoy
Posted Date : 24-12-2015
Our 3 families stayed here for 3 days. A chance entry on the net caught our eyes made us come here. Out of many high class resorts we have stayed in the last 3 years, this is the best. Why? The location, layout of rooms, ambiance, facilities, food and support by staff are excellent. The library is out this word – not caraway books donated by various people but new books of contemporary authors and dozens of new comics for kids. Thanks for a wonderful stay and wish you all the best.
Capt. H. Subramaniam, H.P. Prasad & Capt. Harihar Prasad
Mumbai, Coimbatore and Dubai
Posted Date : 27-12-2015
Very nice place. Recommend others to stay.
M.S. Rathor
Posted Date : 30-12-2015
Vendar Singh
Posted Date : 17-1-2016
This is one of the best places in Ooty. Excellent ambiance. Excellent Service.
Kiruthika Sabariraj
Posted Date : 20-1-2016
Homely atmosphere, Very peaceful environment - Looking forward for monthly visits.
Mr. Ravikumar
Posted Date : 14-2-2016
Really nice place, Calm, Quite, Nice Menus, Good food. Best place to relax and get away from it all.
Prabhu Prakash
Posted Date : 20-2-2016
What a beautiful spot! Great food, great scenery, great people. Had a lovely time.
A. Zucker
Posted Date : 1-3-2016
“This is a lovely getaway spot in Kotagiri, not too far from Kodanad View Point. The area is nice, though there's perhaps not a whole lot to do. Luckily, the house itself is full of diversions, with a shelf of books, a pile of board games, a basketball hoop and badminton net, and very comfortable desks with wifi. It's a stellar place for a family or friends' vacation. Joseph, the gardner, took me on a little walk in the forest, pointing out trees and birds and the gates to fancy European bungalows. The food was delicious. Vidya, Anita, and Suresh were all extremely helpful before the trip, and were completely flexible when I had to reschedule. Thanks for a great trip!”
American guest who came to us through Airbnb
Posted Date : 25-3-2016
Excellent Place.
S. Saravanan
Posted Date : 27-3-2016
Excellent! Wonderful place.
Vijay Shewakramani
Posted Date : 04-4-2016
Good Staff, Peaceful atmosphere, Excellent Food. Loved it.
Kalpesh G
Posted Date : 10-4-2016
Good place and am awesome experience.
Rohit Nair
Posted Date : 10-4-2016
Beautiful Place, Very warm staff. Blissful! Surely coming back.
Rithu Thomas
Posted Date : 11-4-2016
Good place. Will recommend to others to stay.
Hrishikesh Rode
Posted Date : 2-5-2016
Good ambience. Very peaceful place.
Dr. G. Srinivasan
Posted Date : 2-5-2016
Nice place for a vacation. Good ambiance and thanks for the library.
Lakshmi Narayana
Posted Date : 7-5-2016
Nice peaceful place. Interesting collection of books and art.
Alpana Jain
Posted Date : 8-5-2016
Truly beautiful place. The architect did an amazing job in the garden! Highly recommend Raven’s Nest for a relaxing stay.
Nathalie Turgeon
Posted Date : 8-5-2016
Fantastic place and ambiance. Very hospitable staff. Lovely garden. Good Maintenance.
K. Dhana Kumar
Posted Date : 13-5-2016
Staff were really good and helped us very well.
Dr. V. Krishna Kumar
Posted Date : 18-5-2016
Memorable Stay, Hospitable staff, Excellent food, Well maintained property, Outdoor pizza experience was excellent. Many thanks to Mrs. Vidhya & Dr. Srinivas for their hospitabilty.
Karthik Gururaj & Triveni Shenoy
Posted Date : 18-5-2016
Love the location, Hospitable Staff, Comfortable Stay, Please keep board games locked so children don’t have access. Provide bench in play area.
Laxman R Kamat & Gautam Kamat
Posted Date : 18-5-2016
It is by far the best homestay we have stayed in. The house is well facilitated and we appreciate the personal touch of Mrs. Vidya and Dr. Srinivasan in every detour of the rooms. We will be back with more friends & family. Thank You.
Chandrika & Sudhir Pai, Mangalore
Posted Date : 19-5-2016
What an experience. Amazing and awesome, clean, excellent and breath taking. Will be back and memories.
Colin John
Posted Date : 20-5-2016
Another awesome stay at Raven’s Nest. When I thought things could not get better Vidya has surpassed all expectations. Nirvana.
Wiji Ratnathicam
Posted Date : 21-5-2016
Came here seeking for some quiet time and what we got was much more than that. Amazing staff, the best veg food we could ask for. Love the place and will definitely recommed everyone.
Hitesh Luniya
Posted Date : 21-5-2016
Came here seeking for some quiet time and what we got was much more than that. Amazing staff, the best veg food we could ask for. Love the place and will definitely recommed everyone.
Hitesh Luniya
Posted Date : 23-5-2016
Thank you. A great place and relaxing stay.
M. Pari
Posted Date : 24-5-2016
Very tranquil places. Great hospitality. No words enough to express gratitude.
Dr. Paresh Somani
Posted Date : 29/5/2016
Beautiful property. Very friendly and hospitable hosts, wonderful food. Thank You.
Dr. Muthusethupathi & Family
Posted Date : 31/5/2016
For a city dweller, to get up to cheerfully to see the sunrise from the room is nothing short of blessing. A beautiful garden extending to stunning hill slopes full of tea plants in a sight to behold. Amazing stay. Will definitely be in one of our top vacation. Thank You.
Shamitha Reze
Posted Date : 2/6/2016
Good place for Honey Moon couple.
Sajan Z
Posted Date : 9/6/2016
Very good & peaceful place. I came with my family and we enjoyed a lot. Thanks for the lovely food & hospitality.
Mohit Agarwal
Posted Date : 21/6/2016
Came here with 2 more friends & family. Lovely & enjoyable place. Coming back with more friends. Had a great time. Peaceful and luxuries amid & nature. Thanks. A place for Nirvana.
Shyam R
Posted Date : 21/7/2016
Thank you for the amazing hospitality. The staff was incredibly warm and made us fee at hone as soon as we walked in. We were treated to an amazing feast at every meal.
K.K. Danani
Posted Date : 21/7/2016
A big thank you to Rani, Mukesh and Dipu who made our family of 13 fee like we were at home. The kids and adults have taken back many happy memories and we hope to be back to make some more very soon.
Nisha Danani
Posted Date : 14/8/2016
Memorable, relaxing. Wonderful Hospitality. Excellent rooms & garden. Kids loved it!
Swapnil Gupta
Posted Date : 16/8/2016
Excellent place, loved our time here. Mrs. Vidya is an exemplary host!
Ashok & Chitra
Posted Date : 17/8/2016
Excellent place. Loved Vidya’s hospitality, the kids were adorable loved the place. So much that we extended our stay. Thanks for the lovely desserts and pizza.
Punit Sunita B
Posted Date : 20/8/2016
Wonderful place & very good staff & nice hospitality. Homely food.
Srinivasan Govindaraj
Posted Date : 5/9/2016
One of the most amazing place I have ever been to. The hospitality was amazing. All thanks to Mukesh, Dipu & the cooke. The food was awesome and we just couldn’t stop eating. Thanks Vidyaji.
Shilpa & Friends
Posted Date : 11/9/2016
Fabulous place, well kept, nice concept, awesome, keep rocking.
Ramesh & Friends
Posted Date : 29/9/2016
This column is too small to describe the ‘Exhilarating Experience’ of being is NEST! Paradise on earth. Hosts, stewards and birds and flowers are impeccably tuned to guest’s even unreasonable earthy demands. Like fully lived in Paradise!.
Posted Date : 2/10/2016
Wondrous world encountered. I am glad I am part of their world now just as it has become part of me. And I have really never been so touched by simplicity and smiles. Sri and Vidya…. Forever to be remembered.
Mitra Mukkerjee Parikh
Posted Date : 10/10/2016
Congrats on a beautifully run homestay. We were visiting Kotagiri primarily to see a sick Uncle, but having a night here made it also a special ‘holiday’. It was a little quiet with no other guests and the hosts away, but the team provided for all our needs. The place was immaculate & the food delicious! Especially enjoyed the delightful garden & views, especially on our early morning walk with mist over the valley. Hope you get rain soon.
Linus & Susan, Kasturi & Zach Daniel
Posted Date : 16/10/2016
A. Sivakumar
Posted Date : 23/10/2016
Good service, very nice surroundings.
Ganesh Raaja
Posted Date : 31/10/2016
We had an amazing stay over here. Great place, warm hospitality of Dr. Srini and Madam. I loved the food, the place and its architecture is awesome. We will touch base with you to know the minute details and experiences about how you made such a beautiful place.
Pratik Gupte
Posted Date : 9/11/2016
We had an outstanding time at the Raven’s Nest. Peace, Calm, Fresh air and good food. Should one ask for more! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.
Ravi Chauhan
Posted Date : 18/11/2016
Thank you. Beautiful views and wonderful introduction to Western Ghats.
Willam Binn
Posted Date : 18/12/2016
Excellent stay as usual!!
Sanjai S
Posted Date : 26/12/2016
Wonderful experience. Hope to make many more. Outstanding! We will be back.
Posted Date : 4/1/2017
Excellent! Splendid! Tranquil!
Tulin Gupta
Posted Date : 15/1/2017
Excellent place, staff and property. Thanks to Deepak, Joseph, Rani
Aditya Tiwaru
Posted Date : 16/1/2017
Had a great stay. Enjoying the serene nature.
Posted Date : 18/1/2017
Perfect Ambience. Great food. Good service.
Balachandhran G, Bangalore
Posted Date : 27/1/2017
Very very beautiful place. We enjoyed very much. Food was very excellent.
Posted Date : 14/2/2017
Wonderful experience, excellent homestay. Good home-style food. Staff members are very sweet.
Dr. Rajkumar
Posted Date : 25/2/2017
Ase and Gustav Jagnel
Posted Date : 10/4/2017
This place really drove me crazy. I just enjoyed the stay and hoping to visit this place again. Breakfast & dinner was a great treat. Thank you VENI AUNTY for arranging such a great trip.
Posted Date : 15/4/2017
Amazing place. Enjoyed our stay. Breakfast & Dinner was extremely good. Service was excellent.
Malathy Mitia
Posted Date : 17/4/2017
Thank you for a wonderful stay! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Raven’s Nest. The natural beauty of the amorous, coupled with the superb hospitality in an unbreakable combination. The team of Mahesh, Veni and Deepa are worth their weight in gold! Thank you from all of us and we will come back soon!
Ravi Chandra
Posted Date : 23/4/2017
Very Very Good, Amazing service.
Teju, Harini, Shravan, Rithvik
Posted Date : 25/4/2017
Raven’s Team, We had a wonderful stay at Raven’s nest. Excellent ambiance and your great hospiatality makes us feel great. You have a good collection of books to read. Raven’s nest is a stay away from home. Once again thank you for your great hospitality.
Posted Date : 28/4/2017
Our thanks to Raven’s Nest. This is such a good gateway from the hustling bustling city life. Everything was perfect. The view, the tastefully done interiors, the amenities all were spot on. The staff were very friendly and prepared food that was home-like and delicious. Thanks for hosting us with special mention to Dr. Sir and Anita. Best Always!
Saumya Kapoar, Rishav Kumar
Posted Date : 2/5/2017
Thanks a lot Raven’s Nest team for the wonderful stay of 3 days at this amazing place. This place is all that we had heard about it and then some more. Amazing location, well maintained rooms, beautiful landscape gardens, delicious food cooked and server with love and affection.
Avanti, Pallavi, Deepraj
Posted Date : 2/5/2017
Beautiful in all aspects. The real homestay. We felt really at ease with Rani Amma, Deepu and Jayapal. All of them were awesome and genuine. We would like to come back again and again. Thank you.
Jayant and Jayanthi family
Posted Date : 5/5/2017
A Big Thank You for Raven’s Nest. If this isn’t heaven then where else. Coming from hospitality background & Hussle city mundane life, this was a real gateway for all mental baggage to leave behind. Talking about these amazing courteous assets like Deepak & Rani & Mary others, couldn’t ask for more. Every corner, room is tastefully done & we loved it. Used library, garden & specially rooms were so beautiful and felt “Home”. We will surely come again and I highly recommend to my friends and family who should also soak in. Thank you, Dr. Srinivasan, Deepak, Rani Cheers – Aravind, Harsha Jade and Sandhya
Arvind, Harsha and Sandhya
Posted Date : 26/05/2017
Ravi, Coimbatore
Posted Date : 10/5/2017
Good Service.
Babu, Coimbatore
Posted Date : 15/05/2017
Great Job
Posted Date : 16/5/2017
A memorable stay at a heavenly place. It appears god has worked very hard to make this place unparalleled in beauty and charm. Anita and Suresh supervised the arrangements in an impeccable manner. My wife Sudha, son Prabodh, Daughter-in-law Anupama and grandchildren Karan and Tara thoroughly enjoyed during five day stay. Deepak, Venkatesh, Rani and Susheela took excellent care of all of us. Rani’s culinary skills and Deepak’s attention to minute details made our stay extremely comfortable. We hope to come back again.
Dr. P.D. Shenoy IAS(R) Former Secretary G.O.I
Posted Date : 19-5-2017
Beautiful property, lovely garden and a perfect place to unwind from the busy city life. The collection of books is awesome. It was a great experience in all aspects. Awesome food by Rani!
Shikha Rao
Posted Date : 21/5/2017
Great place! Well maintained.
Posted Date : 21/5/2017
Awesome! It’s very nice! I liked this place very much. My both daughters enjoyed very much. They used the cycles, Indoor games. It is such a beautiful place and all the mental stress was relieved. “Good People, Good service, Good food”.
K.A Sengutuvan
Posted Date : 25/5/2017
Awesome place! No complains at all. We’ll come again for sure.
Rahul Dubey
Posted Date : 20/6/2017
Excellent Place. Warm Hospitality. Very tastefully done interiors. Would love to come back
Marmita Manil Mittal
Posted Date : 26/6/17
Awesome place. Beautiful landscape. Excellent food. Great service. PERFECT HOSTS!!
Jayashree Rau
Posted Date : 15/08/2017
Thanks for the excellent services and ambience. The beautiful place, food and personal attention is very tempting. I am back soon.
Pallair Dhuplhia
Posted Date : 20/8/2017
Thank you to all at Raven’s nest for a wonderful stay. Everything was perfect from the food to the ambience of the place. The activities are brilliant. Thank you so much and we hope to visit again.
Sharath K
Posted Date : 20/8/2017
Very good ambience, excellent hospitality, striking landscape, chitonid style lounge everything is nice. We had been to many resorts but this one is very nice.
R.K.Radhia, Coimbatore
Posted Date : 1/10/2017
We had very nice time all these three days Raven’s nest gave us remarkable days. Hospitality and ambience are awesome. Thank you so much for making us happy and comfortable during our stay. We’ll try to come here at least once in a year.
G. Nithiya
Posted Date : 2/10/2017
We had a wonderful & peaceful stay here at Raven’s Nest. Everyone was very hospitable & welcoming. This stay will surely go down as one of our memorable holiday.
Nikhil Arora
Posted Date : 6/10/2017
This is the best holiday we have had in a long time. We couldn’t have chosen a better place. Raven’s Nest is a beautiful pace. It is a treat to the eye and palette. The staff-every member-was very courteous and helpful.
Nirmala and Pop
Posted Date : 13/10/2017
Dhana Kumar K