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27 January 2016     

Early morning fog at 8 am 

4 February 2016     

Building. New pizza oven soon you will be able to enjoy freshly baked oven fresh pizza while relaxing in the lawn 

9 February 2016     

Our Gardener' Joseph's artistic talent comes to the fore in designing a natural brick layer around the choke pit and then decorating it with plants. He has also separated the two bathroom windows by building a bamboo trellis and filling it with plants so that you literally see a garden when you open the bathroom window 

15 February 2016     

Home made carrot cake...make not look sophisticated...but don't let that fool you...tastes yummy.. Our man Mahesh has learnt the art of making delicious carrot cake . After tasting it all our guests want the recipe!! So we decided to put it up on our website 

20 February 2016     

We have started going ORGANIC and are growing our own organic vegetables and heaping all the garbage in the compost pit to make manure. stopped using pesticides even in the neighbouring tea garden so that this vegetable patch does not get contaminated 

24 February 2016     

The bee cage is well protected with a solid grill to prevent the Bears from stealing the very tasty honey the bees produce while pollinating the organic vegetable farm 

29 February 2016     

The bright sunshine in the hills enables us to tap the solar energy to cook the food, heat the water and air the carpets 

5 March 2016     

Orissa umbrellas from Pipli being assembled in the garden and the batteries of the solar lamps from Delhi being charged in the bright sun 

11 March 2016     

Mustard to detox the field growing on our organic vegetable field while the sweet peas are getting ready for the table 

16 March 2016     

Experimenting with the new pizza oven.... 

25 March 2016     

The deep purple Jacaranda blooming amidst the green tea bushes creates a striking contrast.. 

31 March 2016     

The hammock from Cambodia seems to be getting over-stretched ...I wonder why.???!! 

4 April 2016     

Fresh organic peas being harvested today...should get 50kgs 

7 April 2016     

Our Pizza Oven is finally inaugurated with Deepu doing the pizza chef's honors. Guests Alka, Benoit, Ambika, Akshaya and Monu join us for a great evening of pizza and wine 

10 April 2016     

Ambika proves the point...that even adults can enjoy the trampoline located in the children's playground! The last supper!!! Ambika enjoying her final lunch in this lovely weather,under the pergola in the garden, before leaving to catch her flight back to London 

30 April 2016     

Joseph our Gardener and handyman re-polishing our pillars and door frame so that the wooden grains are restored to their natural beauty. 

16 May 2016     

we have discovered two tennis courts just 20 minutes drive from Raven's bring your tennis kit when you visit next...or we can lend you tennis racquets.. 

18 May 2016     

Our gardener/handyman Joseph doing some repair carpentry work on the deck after a little girl's foot slipped in the gap...his work is being supervised minutely by the four young cousins of the little girl!! 

24 May 2016     

All hands on deck including driver Mani....busy maintaining the flowers and garden 

27 May 2016     

With the overhanging trees shedding leaves constantly, keeping the driveway spic and span is an arduous , back breaking task. However the two elderly sisters are constantly at it and are doing a terrific job  

28 May 2016     

The organic vegetable garden where Rosemary and Thyme are growing very well. Also beans, carrots and lettuce . Our gardener Jaybal is frustrated since he cannot use any chemical fertilisers and pesticides to hasten the growth and we have a difficult task in convincing him that organic farming is the way to go!!! 

29 May 2016     

The recent rains has made the tea garden lush green and our gardener Joseph has cut a walking path in between the tea bushes right up to the children's playground. We have now placed a bench there in response to the feedback from one of the guests who said the parents need to sit down there ...since the kids want to spend several hours jumping on the trampoline!! 

29 May 2016     

The trekking team... what we saw.. now this could be a good bar stool... Let's see if I can get a signal 

31 May 2016     

We have built a mushroom cultivation tent in one corner of the estate and insisted on a green outer cover ( as opposed to the standard blue used by all others), as we felt the green would blend in well with the tea bushes . The mushrooms are slowly sprouting as white patches in the midst of the compost packs. They will now be covered with fresh soil, watered every 2 days and after 10 days we will get fresh Button Mushrooms! 

2 June 2016     

The welcome rain lowered the temperature and it was soothing to watch the rain water gush down the chain linked gutters and flow into the rain water harvesting tanks. After seeing these chain linked gutters , many of our friends are thinking of replacing their old ugly looking plastic/aluminium pipes with these environment friendly chains. 

8 June 2016     

One of our guests has seen the following birds in the garden : Bulbuls, mynas, green bee eater, sunbirds etc. We have kept some containers with bird feed and water to attract more birds, but apparently the squrrels seem to be helping themselves to the bird feed! 

29 June 2016     

A 2 hour drive from Ravens nest will take you to the edge of the Nilgiris where you can glance down at the silent valley. A friend of ours has a house there which has to bear gusts of wind at 120miles/hr 

5 July 2016     

Our guests, Mona Mahadevia, Pimmi Seth and Rani Tarneja from Bombay joined Vidya on a train ride on the heritage train from Ooty to Coonoor 

31 July 2016     

Published in the Indian Express as the front page of the Features section on July 31, 2016 

18 August 2016     

Rakhi being celebrated at Raven's nest by the 3 grandkids from Berlin, Germany 

25 September 2016     

A homemade eco friendly verandah divider made out of bamboo strips and locally grown plants is more pleasing to the eye than a concrete block used in most hotels to separate the verandah between adjacent rooms 

25 September 2016     

The utility room complex is hidden behind a simple brick and bamboo barricade over which a creeper plant has been nurtured to grow thus blending with the nature. 

26 September 2016     

A riot of colours lining the driveway 

27 September 2016     

Mushroom man getting the shed cleaned up for a fresh batch of mushrooms 

27 September 2016     

The weeds seen in the first photo have been painstakingly removed by hand ( no chemicals used) The next set of photos show the weed free sprouting carrots and lettuce interspresed with the insect repelling marigold plants 

28 September 2016     

A major project of well cleaning was completed in one day. The depth of the well was increased by 2 feet and the silt removed from the floor will be dried and used as natural ferrtilizer for the organic garden vegetables. 

29 September 2016     

The live fish removed from the well were temporarily kept in a bucket and then returned to the cleaned well as they play a major role in keeping the water clean 

14 June 2017

Potatoes and Brazilian black beans ready for the market 

14 June 2017

The air is filled with the heady fragrances of organic rosemary, oregano and kale 

20 June 2017

7-year old Aarnna Mahajan from Noida gives Jayabal s helping hand to dig for potatoes at the a Raven's Nest organic garden. Twin Saiesha and mom Mamta join her in collecting them 

22 June 2017

Granddaughter Rayne's latest dream catcher/ Mandala adorns our glass door 

20 July 2017

The mist rolls down the hills to Raven's Nest 

24 July 2017

Bison grazing peacefully outside our bedroom window 

24 July 2017

A rainbow shining bright across the horizon 

29 July 2017

A friend from Mumbai, Sucharita Hegde and Vidya enjoying a leisurely breakfast under the pergola 

15 August 2017

A young guest from Mumbai enjoying the garden and water fall on Independence Day ---beats going to a crowded Lonavala!!! 

15 August 2017

This Independence Day we have decided to support the local labour and help them market their hand made bags which are used by the local tea pluckers to carry their daily lunch. To order the bags, please contact Raven's nest managment and be assured your money will go directly to the craftswoman who has toiled hard to create this eye catching bag that can also be put to practical use in your daily life. email Tel: 9869918348 

6 September 2017

Lady Slipper Orchid blooming in Raven's Nest 

24 September 2017

Our gardener Joseph proudly holding up the certificate for the 2nd prize for our 'LADY SLIPPER ORCHID' awarded at today's Coonoor Club flower show competition 

3 October 2017

The driveway is fully shaded with a combination of white Alder bushes and the red Ponsietta...which blooms here much before Christmas! 

4 October 2017

Vegetable garden is in full flow with Purple Cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, baby tomatoes and broccoli...all these organic vegetables are being sold to an NGO ..Earth Trust in Ooty which then makes them available to the residents of the Nilgiris through its outlets in Ooty and Coonoor besides sending them to other parts of Tamilnadu, Bangalore. 

5 October 2017

In between the tea bushes, we have planted some fruit trees...pears, plums, will have to device a strategy to keep the monkeys away as they love to feast on these fruits! 

15 October 2017

A succulent arrangement and hydrangea at Raven's Nest 

20 October 2017

The simple Diwali dinner thaali with all time favourites tamarind rice and rasam vade the rangoli and the flowers wish you a Happy Diwali 

20 October 2017

The travails of building Raven’s Nest has been succinctly described in a book titled: ‘A TALE OF TWO HOMES’ This book was released today and has been published by a White Falcon Publishing . It can be purchased from, or White Falcon Bookshop. please get your copy and send in your comments 

28 October 2017

The hot water solar panels being given their half yearly cleaning. This helps in maintaining their efficiency. 

29 October 2017

An ideal start to the day is a brisk morning walk , breathing in the fresh, pure air and watching the early morning sun shining through the flowering Bottle Brush tree, the non poisonous Datura flowers and the Ponsietta blooming well before Christmas. 

4 November 2017

These bags from Raven’s Nest are in Bombay for sale. Prices below picture. Please call me at +919869918348 for them. 

18 November 2017

FIRST AUTHENTIC BOOK REVIEW FROM A CMC GRADUATE WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE AN OLD LAWRENCIAN ................................................ ............................................ om: susy kurian Sent: Saturday, November 18, 2017 12:06 AM To:; Subject: Srini's book Dear folks, On thursday this week ( 16th) I received Srini's book through Amazon. Such a well written book and with such great humour- AMAZING. I have not laughed like this for a long time till that evening when I could not put down the book. He was woven the 2 tales of his homes SO WELL. Vidya takes on the brunt but in jest to bring out the humour. I recommend it very highly. Having known Vidya and Srini and his brand of humour and having visited Raven's nest twice and having been in The Nilgiris brings home so much of what he was written. I have sent my congratulations to Srini separately. I highly recommend this book folks. Please order your copies asap- it only costs Rs300. Susy. 

18 November 2017

A patient from Dubai getting his books signed by the author 

19 November 2017

More bags from Raven’s Nest 

19 November 2017

Joseph’s latest creation succulents and geraniums on a tree stump 

20 November 2017

We are now experimenting with Oyster mushrooms. Got a small crop. 

20 November 2017

Joseph’s creativity works wonders with a old pipe. He painted it, dallied squares in it and planted flowering plants in it to beautify our pizza oven area. 

30 November 2017

Cyclonic weather in Raven’s Nest. 

4 December 2017

50 people turned up at Coonoor Club, in spite of the increment weather, to listen to the author read excerpts from his book 'A TALE OF TWO HOMES', which incidentally has been listed in the TOP SELLING BOOK CATEGORY in the White Falcon Bookstore. 

16 December 2017

Deck the halls with bows of holly... our Christmas tree is up.... can Santa be far behind.... Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.... 

27 December 2017

On the suggestion of one of our former guests, we have added grab bars in the shower and commode area to make the bathrooms more ‘elderly’ friendly. In fact we recently had a family Who brought their elderly mother to celebrate her 90th birthday.Both the family and the ‘elderly’ birthday mother greatly appreciated this new fixture. 

30 December 2017

The morning winter frost has set in as can be seen by the burnt brown leaves . This interestingly forms a very artistic pattern with a central brown steak surrounded by the yellowish-green healthy leaves. Nothing can beat nature at work!  

31 December 2017

A home grown Christmas tree sitting on the deck. Surrounded by orchids on one side and a rock banana from Kanyakumari on the other side. A cherry peach tree in the background which is just begining to bear fruit. Now we need to keep the monkeys away so that we can enjoy the peaches in the next few weeks